Dolly tank
Vance job No. 4298 Cider Tank Dolly

Beverage tanks

By packaging each tank and strapping them to the custom designed tank dolly, it allowed them to roll them directly off the truck and into their building. It reduced handling and set up time for new equipment installation.

Quicker installation and shorter wait time until tanks were operational.

Door hinge
Vance job No. 4700 Enclosure

Rotating equipment-air compressor

Redesigned and changed customer’s door hinge system.

Allowed customer to install equipment and reattach door faster and safer and ultimately saved time and money.

Vance job No. 7408 Enclosure unit

Rotating equipment-air compressor

One of our engineers discovered a new door hinge that allowed us to assemble the enclosure quicker, which in turn saved the customer money.

Besides saving time and money, our engineer shared the idea of the new hinge with the customer, the customer agreed to the changes and the new hinge is now standard on their enclosures.

Vance job No. 6247 Protective guard


The customer needed a protective guard on their machine, and approached Vance for a quote on a three-piece design. We redesigned the unit in one piece, making production easier.

The customer received more than they asked for, for a lower cost.