Team Vance

From our earliest days in business more than a century ago, Vance has always been a family affair. We encourage an atmosphere of collaboration, and camaraderie across every department. People who join the company often enjoy a long career with us. Grow their skills right here. Our clients benefit because the stability of our workforce shines through in the strength of our work.

We’re home to some of the most talented and skilled craftsmen in the business. Highly experienced fabricators. Certified welders. And process engineers who are ready to work with your team to deliver your components to your exact specs—and on time.
Management Management team
Left to right: Karen Knapton, Bill Snyder, Jerry Crabtree, Joe Hennessy, Len Visco, Chris Jennings
Manufacturing Manufacturing team
Back row, from left to right: Loren Johnson, Don Switzer, Jim Hixson, Ron Perry, Pete Switzer, Cliff Erb, Dave Samons, Tim Jensen, Adam Garrison, Jim Schuyler, Mike Scutt, Gene Dillon, Steve Fox, Gabe Marquez, Tim Viele, Ryan Shultz, John Medvitz, Roger Stonesifer, Robert Shultz
Middle row, from left ro right: Michael Collett, Tracey Lane, Don Pallar, Dan Northrup, Joe Rexford, Kevin Schreader, Paul Roberts, Robert Giannone, Brian Fish, Christopher Hillman, James Giannone, Jason Hibbard, Matthew Ramirez, Rich Goodman
Front row, from left to right: Gary Groom, Steve Shaner, Dan Northup, Bob Stresing, Bradley Donovan, Mike Dunning, John Saeli, Christopher Hillman, Andrew Roberts, Corey Naegele, Tyler Kerr, Christopher Cosentino
Engineering Engineering team
Back row, from left to right: Andy Ilacqua, Dan Hansen, Jerry Crabtree, Brandon Cocola
Front row, from left to right: Kevin Root, Jon Winters, Brent Naegele, John Russell, Amanda Bourne
Sales Sales team
Left to right: Chris Jennings, Pat Welch, Pat Farrington, Jeff Taney
Purchasing Purchasing team
Left to right: Pat Hennessy, Bill Snyder, Laura Gute
Operations Operations team
Left to right: Len Visco, John Sabin, Roy Stonesifer, Bill Dunning
Safety and quality Safety and quailty team
Left to right: Ryan Shane, Bill Dunning, Brian Mott
Safety and quality Accounting and HR team
Left to right: Tanya Higgins, Karen Knapton, Jessica Schreader